Lymington Window Cleaning

Over the years Waves Window Cleaning have established ourselves as one of the most reliable, professional and trusted New Forest & Lymington Window Cleaning Services.

Using the latest water fed pole systems and ultra pure water we will leave your windows spotless every-time we clean them.

We cover all the surrounding areas of Lymington, including, Sway, Brockenhurst, Hordle, Milford on Sea, Barton on Sea, New Milton, Norley and Boldre.

As well as window cleaning in Lymington and the New forest area, we also offer.

  • Gutter Cleaning and Clearing
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Fascia and Soffit Cleaning
  • Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Plus, not only do we offer all the above services and unrivalled window cleaning that includes cleaning your frames as well as your panes every clean… we arrive when we say we will too.

Our many customers have their windows cleaned regularly on 8, 6 or 4 week cycles. This means that their homes are always looking clean throughout the year.

You can pay with whatever method works for you best, cash, cheque or online bank transfer. You can even pay us using PayPal if you prefer.

Lymington Window Cleaning

We started off cleaning windows in Lymington some years ago. However, after only a few months our clients were coming from all over the New forest.

We now have a very loyal customer base due to our professional and honest approach.

We want you to be happy with our service and recommend us to others, so we do not take short cuts when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your home. We’ll do it properly… windows and frames every time.

This quality of service gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting a professional job done by a Lymington window cleaner and company that actually cares about the service they offer you… and we don’t disappear when winter comes either.

We are also fully insured.

How Dirty Are Your Windows?

The windows beneath are typical of the jobs we are called to quote. You can see the salt and dirt builds up to ridiculous levels [left side image] if you don’t have your windows cleaned regularly. Once we have cleaned them you can see they are left spotless.

Windows before and after cleaning.

Lymington window cleaning

I Can Get the Dirtiest of Windows Spotlessly Clean.

Please use this form to contact us or just give us a call 01590 615138 for a free no obligation quote.

Finding a Good Lymington Window Cleaner

Finding a good Lymington window cleaner is actually harder than it may seem at first glance. Not all window cleaning services are equal… in fact far from it. And you most certainly don’t always get what you pay for.

I’ll give you an example of the difference in a good window cleaner and a not so good window cleaning service in Lymington.

Cleaning Costal Homes in Lymington

I was getting my equipment out, ready to start cleaning a home in a cul-de-sac in Lymington.

It was a three-bedroom bungalow, with a couple of velux windows and an all class porch.

The location of this customer’s home is costal and this means that there is often salt build up on the property. Regular proper cleaning ensures that the windows stay in good condition and that salt does not run down the glass once I have finished cleaning and rinsed the frames and the windows properly.

The house next to this is a much larger property. It is a six-bedroom home with balcony’s; 6 large velux windows and many very large windows at the rear of the house overlooking the coast. There’s a swimming pool in the garden to boot.

I was about to start cleaning the bungalow when another local window cleaner arrived next door to clean the large 6-bedroom property.

We had a quick chat and exchanged pleasantries as you do.

Quality Service

I went round the back of my bungalow to start cleaning. I was doing my usual quality clean and making sure that all the salt was removed from the frames so that that there were no runs/streaks down the glass at a later stage once the windows have dried. It takes a little longer to clean windows like I do but the results are worth the little extra attention to detail.

Once I had finished the back of the property I came round to the front to start cleaning.

However, and to my utter amazement, the other Lymington window cleaner that was cleaning next door was already packing up his hoses and brushes as he had seemingly finished a house that was almost double the size of the property I was still cleaning!

There is no way at all that all those windows on the 6-bedroom house could have possibly been cleaned to the standard that I clean windows to. It just couldn’t be done. This type of service is often referred to as a splash and dash job… Basically rushed and no care taken over the job at all.

Worst of all, the property above was charged at almost double what I had charged for cleaning the bungalow and they are getting nowhere near the quality of service I offer.

Quality Window Cleaning Service in Lymington

If you are currently having your windows cleaned and haven’t been happy with your service, then you are not getting what you have paid for.

I however will offer you a professional service, that is cost effective and reliable. I can also clean the inside of your windows too.

If you’re looking for a quality Lymington window cleaner, then give me a call 01590 615138 and I will happily come and give you a free no obligation quote.

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